Take Care of Me and I’ll Take Care of You


Utopia Goods textiles are artisan furnishing fabrics, beginning life as original illustrations by artist Bruce Slorach. From initial sketch to screenprint, every facet of the process is executed by hand. All prints are hand-illustrated and screened on pure linen.

We produce two weights of cloth, both a heavyweight upholstery linen (approx 350gsm) and a lightweight cloth (approx 200gsm).

Our limited edition textiles are suitable for a variety of interior decorative soft furnishing and upholstery uses. (Please be mindful they are not technical high-performance fabrics and not suitable for high traffic areas, dirty dogs and red wine!).

The pure, and hand-made nature of the Utopia Goods production process linens means that the texture and slub of the weave have characteristic irregularities that are intentional, adding to the overall appeal of the finished products, making them truly unique and bespoke items. Degrees of variations of weave, colour and texture will occur from bolt to bolt.  

Our screen printing is carried out by traditional screen printing methods used throughout India and Asia. A printing paste or dye is poured on the screen and forced through its unblocked areas onto the fabric, creating a beautiful painterly and colour rich effect.


Our upholstery linens have Martindale ratings between 15,000 – 35,000 rub counts. Please contact us for individual fabric rub ratings, as each design differs slightly because of the hand-made nature of the textiles and its particular print and colour technique.


In order to ensure your Utopia Goods pieces become long-lasting heirlooms they should not be used outside their intended purpose. All Utopia Goods furnishing linens and products are manufactured using our exclusive, premium linen base cloth, however they require proper use and thoughtful maintenance in order to guarantee their permanence.

Our linen can be washed in a gentle machine cycle, in cold or warm water, using a mild detergent. Please do not use any harsh detergents or bleach products. Linen loves a fabric softener, however this is optional. Hand washing and dry-cleaning is also an option.

For best results customers should line-dry items flat in shade after washing to avoid creasing. The linen can be lightly ironed with care, and steaming is also fine. Ironing linen can be done while the textile is still damp.

UV exposure will degrade all fabrics over time, and therefore your Utopia Goods linens should be kept out of direct sunlight where possible. Rotating the whereabouts of your items that are exposed to harsh light is also a good idea.

Fabrics should not be scrubbed. We recommend customers contact a specialist cleaner to treat difficult stains, or those hard to deal with accidental stains.

We are happy to recommend an environmentally friendly fabric protection application for upholstered items, or when the linen is going be subject to conditions where there is a potential for spills and mishaps. We have tested all our linens with this protection agent and we are extremely happy with the results.

Please contact us on 02 9357 4477 for more information, or go to Micro Seal