Tree of Life

Winding and growing from the central Eucalyptus Tree are branches of Grevillea, Paper Daisy and a tiny Waratah bud about to bloom. The Utopia Goods iteration includes a Possum, Magpie, and Blue Wren, Kookaburra. Sitting boldly on the outstretched branches are the Native Owl, and Gang Gang Cockatoo. Keen eyes will also spot the Platypus and Grasshopper.

The Tree of Life as a design reference seemed like the perfect print to mark our 10th Anniversary as it is one of the oldest and most symbolic historical textile  patterns dating back to the 1700s or earlier. Resonating with people for centuries across global textile traditions. As a visual metaphor its meaning is multilayered and most significantly it is 'the symbol of life’.

The Tree of Life design potency is attributed to its history, tradition, Indian origins and the vine pattern which generally captivates with hidden flora and fauna. What could be more poignant than a Utopia Goods Tree of Life populated with some of Australia’s most precious flora and fauna. It is our personal homage to life, landscape and love.