Reupholstery Renews Old Loves

Reupholstery can give new life to a much loved or worn piece of furniture. A chance to select a favourite fabric and have a piece repaired, or restored to new glory.

The most interesting rooms and successful design projects offer a mix of upholstery fabrics, so you can make a feature of an armchair, ottoman, or sofa. Not only is it a chance to make a statement with a print, but it is an opportunity to be sustainable, and create an updated antique piece to be treasured well into the future.

Add your own personality by selecting a print and colour palette from our collection that really speaks to you. Follow our simple steps below to get a quote underway and realise your dream of reviving a piece that needs a little love.

Stringybark Moss transforms these original pieces of Danish designed furniture. 

Reupholstery is a chance to work with skilled craftspeople and select a design that is personal to you, making your home unique and something you have shaped.

State of Waratah Natural

Firewheel Rust Performance Fabric makes these two pieces look superb.

Follow the steps below to get a quote underway.

Step 1
Browse the Collection

Choosing a textile design that you love is most important. The Utopia Goods collection of handcrafted linens, and high performing woven jacquards extends to more than 50 options to choose from. Begin by browsing the designs, it may be the subject matter, or colours that first appeal to you. 



We offer additional stain guard services to increase the life and wearability of our handprinted linen collection.

Our Performance collection is incredibly robust and designed to endure. With an in built stain guard, water repellency and UV resistance. Our Performance fabrics are designed to last and provide a beautiful textile for modern day living. 

Step 2
Order a Swatch

Browse our swatches and select a few top favourites to help narrow down your design choices. This will allow you to have the sample at home hold it against a paint colour or other pieces of furniture that will remain in the shared space.


Step 3
Reach out to our Showroom to begin a quote

To begin a quote, a helpful tool for our team is imagery of the item/s being considered. We ask that if possible clients email images of the furniture piece or pieces, along with preliminary measurements.


If you have questions about the best way to measure your item please give us a call (02) 9357 4477. If you are local stop by to speak to one of our highly trained team members to discuss possibilities.

We work with wonderful craftspeople who will take great care of your furniture pieces, and transform them into something wonderful that will endure.

Take inspiration from our previous client refurbishment projects above, and bring new life to a much loved piece of furniture with our reupholstery services.

*A few tips to maintaining reupholstered furniture.

Your chair, like all upholstered furniture, will require minimal but some routine maintenance to appear its best over time.

Vaccuming with an upholstery attachment prevents dust from fixing itself to the natural fibres of linen. Plumping up any loose cushions, or seat cushions will also assist with redistributing the filling and eliminating dust from settling.