Native Deities by Bruce Slorach

Native Deities is an exploration of Australian native flora and fauna by Sydney based artist Bruce Slorach.

The show developed into a brilliant and bold 'love letter' to Sydney and a homage to one of Australia's greatest assets - the landscape and bush.

First exhibited at Woollahra Gallery at Redleaf in Sydney, Australia 3rd-28th May, 2023. A few original paintings from the collection remain available for acquisition, as well as a series of limited edition art prints available exclusively from Utopia Goods.

Southern Blue Gum Painting

Slorach and partner Sophie Tatlow have over the past decade garnered acclaim for drawing attention to Australia's native flora and its beauty in new ways, captured in unique brightly coloured contemporary textiles, created for Utopia Goods. 

In Native Deities Slorach presented his latest series of drawings and paintings, alongside a newly developed tapestry, and three of his acclaimed hand knotted silk and wool wall hangings.

Informed by a myriad of textile and decorative arts traditions born from global trade from the 16th Century onwards, Slorach's practice speaks of influences far and wide - east to west, and back again. From Indian Kalamkari (chintz), William Morris and the wider Arts and Crafts movement, Lucien Henry, Josef Frank, Stan Kelly, Ellis Rowan and Margaret Preston.

His is a career that has been shaped by research and inspiration, strengthened through dedicated practice and a continued immersion in and appreciation of the natural world that surrounds us. Slorach's use of fibre, stitch, print and mixed media techniques breath new life and diverse possibilities for honouring and celebrating Australian nature in texture, light, colour and form.

To request a full catalogue of the exhibition please reach out to the Utopia Goods team. 

Utopia Goods - (02) 9357 4477

Country Bunch Painting


Country Bunch Painting in Progress

Country Bunch Woven Jacquard Tapestry


Lyrebird Wool/Silk Wallhanging

Silver Banksia Painting


Southern Blue Gum in situ at Woollahra Gallery at Redleaf

Flannel Flower Painting in Progress


A selection of works at Woollahra Gallery at Redleaf


Artist Bruce Slorach, in his Paddington Studio, above the Utopia Goods showroom. Photograph by Terence Chin