New Collection: River Wonder

Introducing River Wonder: The newest hand printed linen collection from Utopia Goods. 

River Gum Blue

This new design from Utopia Goods sees the winding branches of the River Gum stretching in all directions. A Eucalypt known for growing beside the banks of rivers and waterways Australia wide, this rendition by artist Bruce Slorach sees the trees narrow leaves curling every which way.

River Gum Blue

Inspiration for this design came from a trip taken to the Flinders Ranges by Utopia Goods Directors Sophie Tatlow and Bruce Slorach. The Red River gum populates the major watercourses of the Flinders Ranges,providing shade and shelter for fauna and natures key markers for a water source close by.

Referencing the decorative arts, artist Bruce Slorach has worked on this design at a scale that isn’t bound to be seen in one direction. 

“The idea for this design was that it was formal, but not so overtly ornamental. Combining the naturalistic movement of the leaves and branches, the pattern repeat becomes less apparent, and the print more energetic” 
Artist Bruce Slorach

River Gum Blue Tablecloth

This smaller scale of print invites application in projects both small and large. From an ornamental pillow, to large drop curtains the hand printed linen is a beautiful choice for soft furnishings.

River Gum Blue is a soft colour palette that references the reflections of the river gum onto water at dusk, with soft hints of lilac in the dappled light.

River Gum Blue sits beside Grevillea Blue Napkins, a beautiful dining decor combination. 

River Gum Earth
River Gum in Earth mimics the true colours of the branches of its muse, and the deep chocolate earth where it grows in the river banks. *Please note - the River Gum Earth is a Limited Edition colour palette available exclusively as tablecloths, napkins and the Utopia Goods classic 50x50cm Cushion Cover. 

State of Waratah Blue

A favourite print in the Utopia Goods collection - the State of Waratah has been reimagined in shades of brilliant sapphire blue. The soft sage branches of the Waratah subtly wind themselves between the feature Waratah blossoms in all their radiance. This new colour palette is bound to excite interiors and is a new take on the much loved Heritage and Natural designs that have been printed for close to a decade.

State of Waratah Blue

Photography Credits throughout: John Paul Orizar

For more information regarding the collection please email or visit the showroom.
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