In the Studio with Bruce

We stepped into the studio with Utopia Goods co-founder and illustrator extraordinaire Bruce Slorach to ask him some questions about his process and his favourite pieces.

What is your favourite print? And why?

It’s hard to pick a favourite. I spend so much time with the paintings and drawings, it’s like getting to know someone. A lot of energy and thought goes into every print - at a minimum it’s about 3 months development per print and a year to produce. I’m proud of the State of Waratah and the Firewheel print because they some of the first designs I painted and they’re still going strong 10 years later. Having said that, I love the fluidity and gentleness of the new River Gum. So if you ask me today, it’s the new River Gum.

What is most important to you about UG?

Utopia Goods is a compelling mix of ‘art meets commerce meets Australian landscape’. I love so many aspects of the business. I work and collaborate with my partner Sophie every day, we love the Australian landscape and native flora and fauna and we get to bring iconic Australian motifs into people’s home and projects. And it’s a loving nod to the era of the Decorative Arts, Middle Eastern and Indian textiles, the history of textile design…

Do you have a favourite flower or plant? Why?

How many favourites can I have? The Angophora and the Flowering Gum. The Angophora trunk is the most wonderful colour and it looks like this rust-stained bark. The texture is tactile and the branches are wild and unwieldy. Angophoras look like the wise old women (or men) of the plant world. They’re not only robust and wise, but ancient looking and strong.

What are your favourite pastimes outside of Utopia Goods?

I cycle every day and have for the last forty years and when the weather permits I love ocean swimming. I love cooking and do all the cooking at home. I love creating something delicious for Henry and Sophie and our friends. At the moment we’re going through our ‘vegetarian and whole foods phase’ - you could say we’re on a ‘health kick’.

What’s your favourite Utopia Goods product?

The performance Jacquards that are woven in the US are a favourite at the moment as I’ve just finished an interesting and complex design (stay tuned)! The quality and craftsmanship is incredible and I love the effect of a Jacquard, the way the warp and weft can create different colours. The rugs are another highlight and take months to produce. I’m definitely a quality over quantity person.