Woven Australian Stories - Hand-Knotted Bespoke Rug Collection

Introducing Utopia Goods’ Exquisite Hand-Knotted Bespoke Rug Collection – A Celebration of Landscape, Artistry and Craftsmanship.

Utopia Goods, the renowned purveyors of artisanal textiles and homewares, is thrilled to unveil its latest custom, finely knotted rug commissions and collection: Woven Australian Stories. A marriage of timeless tradition and contemporary design, the new collection pays homage to the wonders and legends of Australia’s flora and fauna. 

Drawing inspiration from the rich heritage of Indian textile arts and the natural beauty of the Australian bush, the rug collection is a true testament to the brand’s commitment to craftsmanship, quality and artisanal expertise. Each hand knotted beauty is an artwork in its own right, from the extra-large illustrative Tree of Life, to the graphic and turquoise Stringy Bark to the whimsy of the emerald coloured, Paradise. Each piece tells its own unique story while at the same time acts as a magnificent creation enhancing the room with vibrant colour and a striking pattern.

“We are excited to be working with our clients on beautiful bespoke commissions. Creating our luxury rug collection, is testament to the skill and talent of our Indian artisans,’ says director Sophie Tatlow. ‘The rugs are more than floor coverings; they are works of art that transform living spaces into sanctuaries of style, comfort and sophistication.’

Key features of the commissions and collection include:

Bespoke Beauty – Each rug (or wall hanging) is made to order, allowing clients to customise size, colours and pattern to suit their individual taste or interior needs.

Artistic Inspiration – Drawing inspiration from the Australian landscape, the rugs feature detailed and intricate botanical and organic themes, reminiscent of middle eastern carpets and the tapestries of the decorative arts.

Indian craftsmanship and finest materials – Skilled weavers from Rajasthan, India, finely hand-knot every rug using hand dyed and hand spun wool and silk. Each rug, depending on size takes between 4-12 months to create.

Evolved Australian Design – Each rug is a homage to the unique flora and fauna of the Australian landscape.

The hand-knotted collection is a testament to Utopia Goods’ dedication to pushing the boundaries of textile design. This collection seamlessly combines traditional craftsmanship with an Australian creative eye, bringing to life the vision of the creative directors for the love of their clients and beyond.

 Utopia Goods invites you to experience the beauty and craftsmanship of Woven Australian Stories.

For inquires, custom orders and further information, please contact
Sophie Tatlow – Director Utopia Goods – sophie@utopiagoods.com.

Further imagery and product information is available upon request.